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Aliya International Student Exchange Program is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, a public benefit educational and cultural organization. Aliya sponsors international high school students to participate in our student exchange program to Israel and to the United States of America.

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What is Our Goal?

The primary goals of Aliya are to promote personal development, communication skills, academic progress, cultural understanding, and encouragement for our students and to apply those skills and knowledge which they obtain while in Israel or in the U.S.A. to positively impact their home, communities, and countries.

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What is our overall philosophy?

  • Find the most qualified students and highly qualified host families to reach the students educational, personal, and language goals.

  • Counsel the students and families to fulfill a lifelong, lasting, and rewarding experience.

Host Family Requirements

The basic requirement for someone or a family to host a foreign exchange student are:


You want to learn about other cultures and languages and share yours with someone else

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You must be able to adapt to new situations and are very open with communications

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Home & Resources

You should have the room and resources for another individual to be comfortable in your home

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Local School

The high school in your area or a private school must be willing to accept the student for the school year

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Room & Board

The student can share a room with another child of the same sex and approximate age

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You would be responsible for providing the student with a bed, meals and a loving and secure environment

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Company Mission Statement

“As a high school exchange student program, our vision and goals were designed to benefit our participants culturally and educationally in an environment to achieve a better understanding of our differences in our world community. Bringing America and Israel Together, One Life at a Time”

How It Works


Israel & America

We are bringing the youth of two countries together, one life at a time


Invested in Youth

You Can Become a Student Exchange Sponsor


Get Involved!

Download and fill out a host family application.

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Host Family & Student

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Invest in a Child’s Future

The life experience you child will receive are invaluable.

  • Expanding their world views: including languages, cultures, customs, politics and especially strong relationships.

  • Most students who are planning on going to college are looking for something to set themselves apart from the numerous applicants for few openings at major Universities. This is an excellent way to distiguish yourself from the vast pool of applicants.

Reap The Rewards

The life long relationships you build as foreign students and host families are immeasurable.

  • I met a Doctor who was a foreign exchange student from Israel in Nebraska over forty years ago. He still keeps in contact with the host family and others he met during that year of studying abroad.

  • A young man spent a year in a home in Michigan and the host family sent one of their sons to Israel to visit for two weeks.

How it works?

* Take time to make sure this is the educational direction you want.

* Partake in phone or in person interview.

* We then look at your criteria and host families to find matches that our professional staff evaluates.

* We then contact the host family and see if they are interested.

* Then we have a conference call as an introduction.


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